Lee Harris, Glass Sculptor
As I have been sculpting hot glass for over a decade, I have realized how fortunate I am.
As my friend, the American Glass Master Charles Lotton told my wife "your husband has answered God's calling, to love & work in hot Glass".
I share a reverence & respect for this special medium and feel I am just beginning to understand it.
Though my love of art began at an early age, it was put on hold, as I pursued a livelihood in business. At the same time, I was always spending whatever time I could, surrounded by art & artists & nature, never getting enough!
Because of my unconventional art training, I consider myself truly an "outsider artist", neither guided or directed by the whims or trends of the art world.
I am inspired simply by nature & my life experiences.
I consider my work a positive reaction & reflection of that natural world.
I feel that Renoir said it best "the world can be so ugly, it is my pursuit to create the most beautiful art possible".
Having the passion of working in a permanent & what I consider, sacred medium of glass, mandates my desire to make the best work I can.
This medium is immortal, in having no shelf life...as 5,000 year old glass Egyptian works of art illustrate!
I hope you enjoy the diversity & passion I put into my work.
From my breath, this inanimate object takes it's own life!